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Washington Times: Trans rights lawsuits in lower courts pressure Supreme Court to weigh in

PJ Media: Impeachment Calls Intensify After ‘Unconscionable’ FBI Raid on Trump

AMAC: FBI Raid Has Solidified Trump’s Clout in GOP Ahead of Expected 2024 Run, Conservative Observers Say

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PJ Media: Trump Urges Angry Americans to Turn Down the ‘Temperature,’ Offers Feds Help for the ‘Good of the Country’

Washington Times: Trump Faces Off With Garland In High-Stakes Fight

Epoch Times: President Trump Had Constitutional Authority To Declassify Anything He Wanted: Mike Davis

Epoch Times: FBI Raid Has Solidified Trump’s Clout In GOP Ahead Of Expected 2024 Run, Conservative Observers Say

Christian Science Monitor: Mar-a-Lago warrant unsealed. What we know and what’s next

The Paradise: Donald Trump Had a ‘Standing Order’ Mar-A-Lago Documents Were to Be Considered ‘Declassified’

El American: The FBI Search Warrant Contains A ‘Chilling’ Passage That Reveals What The Trump Raid Was All About

PJ Media: Trump Says the Docs Taken in Mar-a-Lago Raid Were Declassified Because He’s the One Who Did It

Law Enforcement Today: Defund the police? IRS hiring spree is most massive expansion of the ‘police state’ in American history

NTD: Trump: I Declassified All Materials at Mar-a-Lago

Mediaite: Former FBI Assistant Director Tells Fox News Viewers Trump Could Be Facing Charges on ‘Heavyweight Statutes’