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A3P Statement On Democrats’ Bill To Pack The Supreme Court

ICYMI: The Christian Post: Biden launches commission to look into packing Supreme Court

ICYMI: Washington Times: Democrats unveil legislation to add four Supreme Court justices

ICYMI: Daily Mail: ‘The moderate left is gone’: Republicans line up to condemn Dems’ plan to introduce a bill to pack Supreme Court with four new justices – erasing the GOP majority

ICYMI: Daily Wire: Democrats Introducing Legislation To Pack Supreme Court With 4 New Justices, Report Says

A3P Statement Urging The Senate to Reject Radical Kristen Clarke

ICYMI: Daily Caller: ‘A Political Power Grab’: Biden Creates Commission To Study Packing The Supreme Court

ICYMI: AP: Group to study more justices, term limits for Supreme Court

ICYMI: Fox News: Liberals ramp up calls for Supreme Court Justice Breyer to retire after he panned court packing in speech

ICYMI: Bloomberg: Biden Names Panel to Weigh Bigger Supreme Court, Term Limits

A3P Statement On Biden Forming A Commission To Study Packing The Supreme Court

ICYMI: WSJ: Justice Breyer Lays Out Opposition to Expanding Supreme Court

A3P Statement On Justice Breyer Rejecting Court Packing

A3P Statement On Biden’s Slate Of Judicial Nominees

A3P: To Fulfill Biden’s Unity Pledge, Senate Must Reject Gupta