Judiciary Tracker

We pull together data from multiple public sources to make it easy to access key information about the federal judiciary, judicial vacancies, and pending nominations.

Biden Shortlist

Joe Biden won’t release his SCOTUS shortlist, so we did it for him. These are some of the top contenders, according to Obama-Biden alums, Left-wing activists, and press reports.

Women & Minorities

Democrats like to talk about diversity but actions speak louder than words. Every one of these highly qualified women and minority nominees faced Democrat opposition when they were nominated to be judges.

Biden DOJ

With a 50-50 Senate and the slimmest of majorities in the House, President Biden will not have the luxury of passing big-ticket legislation through Congress. Rather, it will be through the Executive Branch where the Biden-Harris Administration will quietly enact its far-left agenda. 

Past Projects

Amy Coney Barrett for Supreme Court

Ketanji Brown Jackson Documents