What we do

We fight to confirm President Trump’s judicial nominees.

Since President Trump took office, the Left has sunk to new lows in its desperation to stop his qualified judges from being confirmed to our federal courts.

As hardened veterans of all three branches of government, we are continuing the political fight from the outside to confirm great Supreme Court justices and circuit and district court judges throughout the country. Our team takes the same approach to every nomination that we took to the nominations of Justice Gorsuch and Justice Kavanaugh.

Political Engagement

A3P engages in the political fight to confirm the President’s judicial picks and other key nominees.

Work Product

A3P’s team of lawyers and researchers provides backgrounders and talking points on nominees. We provide substantive biographies, backgrounders on cases, talking points, and rapid-response materials.

Rapid Response

The A3P team uses its expertise in media relations and rapid-response communications to make the positive case for the President’s nominees and push back against misinformation from the Left.

Media Affairs

A3P provides surrogates, op-eds, letters to the editor, endorsements, and other earned media.


A3P publicly supports senators who vote to confirm President Trump’s qualified nominees—and opposes those who do not.


A3P defends and promotes President Trump’s judicial picks even after they are confirmed, fighting back against the Left’s radical attacks on judicial independence, including court packing, impeachment, and term limits.